El servicio de consulta con profesionales para empresas

Digital Consultation with Professionals for Companies

Finally, your clients and employees can solve any medical, veterinary, or legal consultations in just 2 minutes.

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The All-in-One Solution

All the professionals you need in a single chat.



Instant access to doctors without waiting queues



We democratize access to lawyers



Pets cared for at any time

A unique union of services

We customize the digital solution according to your needs

Chat profesional 24/7

Professional chat 24/7

Anytime, unlimited, with over 15 specialties

Video-consulta 24/7

Video consultation 24/7

Immediate, 365 days a year

Recetas electrónicas o contratos digitales

Electronic prescriptions or digital contracts

So that the user obtains deliverable results for later use



So that the user receives support beyond the online environment



Professionals will monitor the progress of each case 



For medical consultations or case records

Líderes en tecnología y servicio. Los usuarios nos avalan.

Leaders in technology and service. Users vouch for us.

Thanks to our advanced technology and network of professionals, we provide an experience valued by our users as the best Quick Answer digital solution. 

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You choose, and we create

We create, customize, and launch an app on iOS and Android with the entire telemedicine, televet, and legal consultation service integrated for whomever you choose in a matter of days. With an average rating of 4.7 stars in app stores.

Consigue apps nativas con el servicio de consulta

Integrate our service with the Meeting Pros SDK in a matter of hours and offer the service within your platform. It doesn't matter if you have a native or hybrid app. We adapt to everything.

Ofrece el servicio de consulta en tus apps

Add our service to your website using our widget, and your users will have direct access to consultations with professionals. 

Añade un widget en tu página web
Consigue apps nativas con el servicio de consulta Ofrece el servicio de consulta en tus apps Añade un widget en tu página web

White label services

All-in-One solution for our partners

Build loyalty with your customers and employees

Control churn, enhance customer engagement, increase productivity, and manage absenteeism in your HR.

Acquire new customers and employees

Expand your client portfolio and attract HR talent by offering them real value-added services.

Increase your revenues and reduce costs

Capitalizing on the revenue your brand generates by offering these services, and reducing costs by addressing the concerns of your customers and employees.

Somos Meeting Pros

We are Meeting Pros

Meeting Doctors, Lawyers, and Vets united to offer a unique solution in the market that makes the most sought-after professions available to protect and care for your customers and employees.

Because we believe everyone should have access to the answers they need to live peacefully and calmly.

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Líderes en calidad, servicios y experiencia

Leaders in quality, services, and experience

KPI's doesn't lie

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Meeting doctors

Monthly consultations


Average response time


Satisfied customers


Average rating in the stores

Take care of your customers and employees for real.



MeetingPros has been crucial in building a true trust relationship with our existing clients and potential ones, providing an added-value service that genuinely aligns with people's daily lives and addresses their top three concerns.

Vanessa Cota, Director of People Business

"An incredible team! Meeting Doctors shares our passion for excellence and innovation. We learn together, taking telemedicine to another level, providing fast care and exceptional experiences to our clients. Thank you, and let's go for MORE!"

Alberto Galaso, General Director of New Business

MeetingLawyers has allowed us to emotionally connect with our clients as we have been able to quickly complement our offering with their value-added service that addresses a need for Zurichempresas.es clients. Thanks to our collaboration, we have increased conversion and retention rates.

Agustí Pascual, Digital & B2B2C for SME
Presencia global

Global presence

With offices in Spain, Mexico, and Dubai, we operate in 15 countries and provide coverage anywhere in the world.

Any questions?

We have professionals available 24/7 with scalability, and the success of usage results in constant team growth. Our technology is native, so we control the entire journey at all times. 

The cost of integration can vary depending on the specific requirements and scope of the integration. We can provide you with a detailed cost estimate after discussing your specific needs and goals.

The service quotation is tied to a business case to provide a benefit to the Partner for each customer or employee above the cost.

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